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Friday, April 10, 2015

Minecraft Best Horror Maps

If you want to play something scary and that's not build by you in minecraft then you can download horror maps in minecraft.
You can download your favorite horror movie recreated in minecraft as a minecraft horror map or some random horror map with an awesome story line and a lot of jumpscares...
There are thousands and thousands of horror maps with different story lines and a lot of cool jumpscares from some imaginary creatures build by different people using different commands.
But if you want to play a horror map then here are my top five horror maps:

Delve into the horror of Grief, a spiritual predecessor to 'the Five Stages'. You play as Frederick Mannings, a father of an only child, a daughter.However, a strange occurrence is in the midst that the public has deemed "The Event". Investigate the now decaying area as you try to find your missing daughter in this Minecraft horror experience.And you need to play it in 1.8 .
Why don't you try going into the monastery and find the secrets, then try to make it out alive.The Monastery is a mysterious place with a lot of horror tales around it; torture, massacre, blood, rituals... You will get caught by their walls when you know you are not alone...You need to play it in 1.7.10

This map is a remake from the game Amnesia The Dark Descent. Everything that was in the game is in the map and you need to play it in 1.6.4 so it can work .

You wake up in a strange office, with no memory of who you are or how you got there. It must be an Amnesia of some kind. You will have to find a way out and try to remember who you are.

This is a fully functional Five Night's at Freddy's remake in Minecraft. Using a majority of the new 1.8 command features, as well as a combination of animated Armor Stands,that they have recreated the terrifying experience of playing Five Night's at Freddy's in vanilla Minecraft. This map will of course use a resource pack that shall be included in the map                                                                                                                   download.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Minecraft Mini Games

When You play minecraft, besides single player as option you can also play multiplayer game with your friends. 
You can create your own server or you can play on other “cracked” servers with your friends. 
In those multiplayer servers you can play fun mini games, mini games that have jump scares, minecraft prison ect...
My personal favorite mini game is the Hunger Games which I play with mine premium account minecraft server TheNexusMC.
But if you don’t have a premium account one of the best servers where I used to play the Hunger Games was the “cracked” server WalCraft.
So if you log on a server and you are new to it and you don’t know what mini game to play with your friends or just for you to play it, then here are my personal top five minecraft mini games:

Hunger Games is a game where 24 players battle to the last men standing from what they find in chests all over the map that they are playing.
There is a chance after 10 minutes the people that are left have a deathmatch and the last one that's alive wins.

The Survival Games are similar to the hunger games but here you can break blocks and build walls to protect your self.

One In The Chamber is game where you start     with a sword,a bow and a arrow and you need to kill everyone. When you kill some one you get a arrow and once you hit some one with an arrow you kill him.

Kit PVP is game where you start with a starter kit and you need to kill some one and get their stuff. When you kill some one you get money which you can use to buy new more powerful kits.

The point of this game is to mine ores and sell them and collect money to level up ranks.
By every rank up you unlock new areas to mine that have even more valuable ores that you can sell and they give you a lot of money. Another cool thing about this mini game is that there's PVP so instead of mining all day you gear up and kill someone and sell their stuff.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Top 5 lucky block mods

As you know in minecraft you can put mods.
You can put fun mods, guns mods, vehicles...
My personal best fun mod and maybe to other minecraft players is the lucky block.
Playing the regular lucky block mod to some minecraft players was starting to get boring so they thought of making knew lucky block mods that will even funnier and more interesting.
Out there are tons of lucky block mods that you can play.
If you want you can download all of them and haw a lot of fun.
But if you want to play one mod at a time than here are the top lucky block mods from opinion.

1.SANDY LUCKY BLOCKfor this mod you don't only use the lucky block mod but there are more mods that must be installed so you can have all the fun that the mod gives.
- To much TNT mod
- Backpacks mod
- Enchanting plus mod
- Animal Bikes mod
- Mr. Crayfish Furniture mod

2.PINK LUCKY BLOCK - you need only the mod so you can play and also this one is a fan made mod for popularmmos for the challenge games.

3.ULTIMATE LUCKYBLOCK- to have all the fun from this mod you will need to download this mods:
Lycanite's mobs mod
- Twilight Forest mod
- Special mobs mod
- Wildycraft mod

to play you only need this mod there a no other mods to install to have all the fun like in some other lucky block mods that I mentioned.

and to play this mod and have all the fun like I mentioned you don't need other mods to install.

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